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Edwards: War on drugs too punitive
Novermber 20, 2007
Des Moines Register

Court ponders drug sentencing rules
October 3, 2023
New York Times News Service

Iowan’s case before high court highlights sentencing shortcomings
Des Moines Register

Federal judges becoming more lenient at sentencing
Sept. 4, 2007

Mandatory Sentencing: Stalled Reform
Friday, Aug. 17, 2007

Editorial: Standing by sentencing guidelines
A Supreme Court ruling brings some clarity to a complicated federal sentencing system.

Sentencing Guidelines ‘Reasonable,’ Justices Rule
June 22, 2023
Charles Lane

Congress Is Expected to Revisit Sentencing Laws
January 9, 2024
New York Times

Editorial: Commute This Sentence
December 9, 2023
Washington Post

Letter-to-the-editor: Moral Opposition to Minimum Sentences
June 29, 2023
Washington Post

Op-Ed: Criminalization Out of Control
June 17, 2023
Baltimore Sun

Editorial: A Verdict on Sentencin
January 16, 2024
Chicago Tribune

Editorial: Remedying an Injustice
January 16, 2024
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Editorial: More Discretion For Judges
January 15, 2024
St. Petersburg Times

Editorial: Rethinking Sentences
January 15, 2024
Louisville Courier-Journal

Editorial: Judicious Leeway
January 14, 2024
Boston Globe

Editorial: Letting Judges Pass Judgment
January 14, 2024
New York Times

Editorial: Sentencing Sanity
January 14, 2024
Baltimore Sun

Editorial: High Court Tweaks Rules in the Interest of Fairness
January 13, 2024
Chicago Sun-Times